I've known this beautiful lady for a long, long time.  I was told this picture (painting) was when she was 16?  This is her beautiful family...her daughter Kathy on the left (my best friend) who went to be with the Lord many years ago.  Love this family and wanted to do something special for a special lady.


  Acrylic Portrait. Christian and Bella waiting for the school bus.

     16x20 Acrylic Portrait   This is Daniel.  He lost his life fighting for our country.  Although I didn't know this courageous young man, I was honored and deeply grateful to have been able to paint his portrait.  I heard about an organization called Operation First Response...operationfirstresponse.com that helps wounded soldiers and their families...I corresponded with Daniel's Aunt P. J. who donates her time to this organization...she sent this picture to me...I painted this painting that was given to her brother...Daniel's father!

        40x40 Acrylic Portrait  This is Jorge Sanchez and his partner Antonio...Jorge a/k/a  Nina Flowers... thought it would make a great portrait...I hope I did some justice! 

   16"x20" Acrylic Portrait   I was commissioned to paint these two lovely ladies as a birthday gift as they had went to the Lord.  I had never met them and didn't have very clear photos so I worked from many photos.  I understand the person who received the portraits was very pleased. 

            18"x20"  Acrylic on Canvas  I was  commissioned to paint this little cutie.  Her mother wanted the picture of her in her pretty pink dress with her hands pressed down and her little pink shoe peaking out but she liked the smile in the other picture so she could give to Grandma. So I put them both together.  When the little girl saw the portrait, I was told she made the comment that she didn't remember taking that picture.  So I believe the painting had her approval.

          16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas I was commissioned to paint this handsome couple.  There was a lot of detail in this painting, and I understand they were pleased with the end results.